​Join Sabine Jackson and Antonietta Vitetta (Holistic Personal Trainer) for this unique experience. 

A hike on it's own is a peaceful, invigorating and enjoyable experience however this is much more

than that. 

So when you participate in a Release and Reclaim Workshop/Hike you are commencing on a life

changing opportunity.

In order to use the powerful energy of nature and to make the most of the hike you need to know what it is that you want to release and what you want to reclaim before you head for the hills. 

Release & Reclaim Workshop/Hike

This book is designed to commence the process of learning how life works, how we get programmed in our childhood, how these programs get stored in our subconscious and become our belief system. These beliefs limit us and keep things stuck in how they have always been.

The only way to activate real change in your life is to identify your limiting beliefs about life, love, money,career.....and then to commence releasing these and consciously programming in some healthier expanding beliefs.

You will spend 2-3 weeks working through this book so that by the time of the hike you will know what beliefs it is time to release, have observed evidence of how they are limiting your life.

You are now ready to commence the process of reclaiming a conscious, purposefully directed life. 

The Workbook

"The workbook was very helpful and thorough, it took me on a journey. It's a manual that I will go back to whenever I need."
"The workbook was more powerful than I originally thought, really great insights came out of it."

On the day of the hike you will arrive with insight, awareness and a readiness to physically and symbolically release your limiting beliefs.

This is the start of a new way of living. The starting point of a conscious, purposeful, adaptive and expanding mindset. Today you start with the laying the groundwork. 


The Hike

"The hike was fabulous, extremely enjoyable and well run. I loved the warm up and stretching at the beginning and at the end, and everyone respected everyone else that was there."

​"The hike allowed me to be present in my body."

"The hike was inspiring. I can really appreciate how it couldn't be a flat walk, we needed the hills to work physically whilst working on emotional/spiritual side."

" I felt I was working through a lot of my stuff in the weeks prior just thinking about what I wanted to release and hoping to reclaim."

"I think it was great that it was a day out with like minded people but you could also relax with it."
"Wonderful way to work through, expand/ grow. Love being in a group, amazing energy."
"The combination of exercise and the release/reclaim was very powerful. Nature is the best place to be."
"I enjoyed talking with Sabine and Antonietta throughout the hike as well as the other hikers, about our beliefs or our fitness or the scenery."


The next hike is Sunday the 6th of November. 

To book contact Sabine on 0428 173 657 or email at dalakinesiology@gmail.com

Spaces are limited to a maximum of 10 participants and total cost is $120.

The terrain of hike is considered for general to moderate fitness, please bear in mind that we are in the 'hills' and that there is some up and down just as there is in life. 
This is the start of a new way of living. The starting point of a conscious, purposeful, adaptive and expanding mindset. Although the hike is a about releasing and gaining even further insight it is also about enjoying the hills and having some light hearted moments and some laughter.

Release old limiting beliefs that hold you back and

keep you from expanding and changing your experience of life. 


Nothing can change until you do