"Sabine you are awesome you always make the world seem like an easier place

to live in."

"I just wanted to say thank you to Sabine Jackson at Dala Kinesiology for helping me with my goal to squish my fear of talking in front of people. I recently did a talk in front of 100+ people and whilst I was still nervous, the difference was AMAZING!! Thanks again Sabine.....looking forward to our next session :) ." Catherine Webster.

" I had a wonderful kinesiology appointment with Sabine from Dala Kinesiology yesterday! I am feeling so clear and centered! For all those interested in kinesiology I highly recommend her services." K. T.

"Thank-you Sabine - I was feeling very distraught and upset and have left feeling very calm and balanced. Everytime I am amazed at what my body tells you and how we address these blockages and free them." Wendy

" 2 years ago I was in a job I disliked immensely and I knew I had to move on. I have always held a strong desire to run my own business. I had no idea what my business would be but I knew that this was what I wanted.
When I first began attending sessions with Sabine, I really had no concept of what kinesiology was. I would now explain it as helping me to clear the way to follow the path of my choosing. 
The obstacles that presented themselves along the way were often not what I thought needed to be worked on. They were all little speed humps that needed to be acknowledged and cleared. It was this work that allowed me to take the leap to resign from my job and start my own business.
I have now been in business for over a year and although it hasn't been easy, I have not regretted my decision. With Sabine's guidance I have found the confidence and motivation to make things happen. I am in an industry that I had no experience in and I have managed to successfully establish myself in the local community.
Sabine is an exceptionally perceptive and talented woman. She has helped me understand why I have developed certain patterns and given me the tools to change them. I can now take a step back and analyse why I am reacting in a particular way to a given situation and learn from it.
Life is always presenting new challenges and opportunities. Past experiences may cloud your judgement or have you caught in a rut. All of us have the solutions within us, Sabine assists with setting them free."  

Sam Hamilton.

"We took our 7 month old son to see Sabine after many attempts at getting him to sleep peacefully. Every single time we put him down to sleep he started screaming. It wasn't just normal baby crying, he really sounded distressed. None of his medical check ups indicated there was a problem, and he was fine if he fell asleep while we nursed him. 
We spent a week at sleep school and it didn't help. Listening to him cry was really taking it's toll. 
We had 2 sessions with Sabine as per her recommendation, but we saw results immediately after the first one. For the first time in his life we lay him in his cot and he smiled at us before going to sleep. Honestly, it seemed too good to be true.  When we did hear him cry, it was just normal baby crying rather than the distressed screaming we had been hearing. It was such a relief. And even if he did cry when we put him down, he could still fall asleepwithout any intervention. 
The second session deepened the result, a day or two of peaceful bedtimes, and then a much more settled baby. 
We would definitely recommend Sabine above anything else we tried for our little one. We were very pleased with both the way she worked and the results we saw."
Tony Cook, Abbotsford.

"I didn't really know what kinesiology was before I visited Sabine. So far it has helped me by clearing emotional stress caused by family, friends and workplace. It has also helped me to focus on positive changes in my confidence and career which have both flourished since I began to see Sabine.... Kinesiology has become a regular part of my life, I always feel revived/energised after a balance as it gives me the opportunity to really focus and clear my mind. I always leave Sabine's with confidence that I will achieve my goals with minimal stress." ( 28 yr old female. Freelance Photographer).


"Sabine has assisted me immensely in identifying and releasing blocks that were seated deeply in fear of failure and the unknown. I'm experiencing exponential change and growth both personally and professionally and the joy and confidence I feel are immeasurable- I'm forever grateful." J.F.

Skype Testimonials

"Since using Kinesiology over the past 2 years, my life has positively changed and progressively transformed in countless ways. I am forever astounded at how effective the sessions have been, especially due to the fact that all of our sessions have been over the phone and surrogated through the amazing, beautiful Sabine. I feel more balanced and in tune with a strong sense of direction. I warmly recommend this form of balance for anyone searching for that extra peace of mind we are all searching for." Christie Morton (W.A.)

"When I lived in Melbourne I had seen Sabine Jackson as a Kinesiologist on a few occasions and found it to be most beneficial, gaining insights into my issues. I have since moved interstate and wanted to continue to "see" Sabine. Sabine suggested "Skype". I have now had a number of sessions via skype and have found them to be just as beneficial as a face to face consultation. I would certainly not be put off by distance in wanting to make an appointment with Sabine and certainly recommend the use of Skype regardless of what kinesiology is being used for." Margaret (Alice Springs).