Fundamentals of Building A Practice

Get the clarity you need to create or expand your business.


This course is for Kinesiologists and other natural therapy practitioners to help each participant identify their why, how, and what. It combines spiritual and practical perspectives to build, grow and expand your own unique business.


"Although I've enjoyed the last 8 years in business I certainly did not enter business back them with any of these clear insights and intentions. Seems like the next 8 years will be even more rewarding"



Week 1- The Practitioner - Your Why


Explore what being a practitioner actually means to you? Ensure that you are a match to your own definition.

Have you set the bar so high that you can never meet your own expectations and therefore never feel the confidence and competence necessary to build something you love

Start to clear your blocks and limiting beliefs

Identify your why.

What is your intention with your work?

Learn that you can't create from a place of lack - Law of Attraction





Week 2- The Client & The Session - Your How


Explore your own style of working.

You are bigger than your discipline don't make yourself small to fit into a narrow structure.

Bring your talents and passions to your sessions and learn how to respect who you are while respecting the needs of the clients.

Receive practical advice on how to tailor your work to you and step into the confidence in your abilities and knowledge that is often lacking in practitioners.

Recognise your worth.



Week 3- Your Unique Business - Your What


Explore and expand your idea of your 'what'. The technique, the environment, clients/audiences can all be tailored to bring out the best in you with maximum results.

Begin to understand that your business cannot be healthier than you. Apply the principles of the Law of Attraction to ensure that you are not blocking yourself, or even working against yourself.

Create your unique practice that highlights your passions, your talents and brings clients the results you desire for them.






Classes will be held at DALA and are from 1.30 pm till 4.30 pm on a Sunday

With a maximum of 10 participants classes will be informal and allow for Q & A time. 


Cost is $350 and includes a manual for each topic. 


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"My biggest take home message is that I am enough"


"My biggest take home message is to inspire myself before inspiring or helping others"

"I learnt to come from a place of love and abundance and be mindful of my words"

"It helped me 'break down' the lists of rules I had made for myself. The biggest take home message was the importance of being me!