Being The Driver...

"I always tell clients that you want to get a good support system and team. You want to choose passionate and compassionate practitioners who can guide you and who have tools to help you but you are the  driver of your health and wellbeing. You pick the people on your team, you decide what and who fits you best and trust your self to be the ultimate decision maker of what's best for you. You are not a passenger in you life you are the driver.

​Sabine Jackson 

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Learn to reconnect with your own guidance system

​If you are looking for a supportive, encouraging environment where sessions are geared to teach you and remind that you are capable of being your own competent guide. If being assisted and supported, while at the same time being always empowered with further awareness and growth, you have come to the right place and Sabine Jackson is the right person to work with you. 

Together you will work to achieve and transform whatever issue has brought you here. Be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual any state can be used as a doorway to deeper insight and transformation. 



DALA Holistic Health

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Holistic Health encourages your body to heal itself.

For you to heal yourself.

No one can take responsibility for you.

You can be supported, encouraged and assisted but you make the shift, you incorporate the awareness, you make the changes and you transform your life.